January 29, 2020 at 3:39pm | Kramer Realty Group
Who remembers the glory days of peach and teal? Waverly floral prints and books filled with wallpaper samples? As a child, in my parents interior design store, I would spend hours looking through these books of colors and patterns. Endless possibilities!

Since then we have seen design go in the opposite direction to 50 shades of grey in every home.. I too am a fan of neutral walls and adding in pops of color through pillows and throws.

But are we all not a little bored?

Fear of commitment may hold us back but take a look at these new REMOVABLE wallpapers! There are so many choices and knowing it would not be a special form of torture to remove makes me say.. bring it on!

Below is an easy DIY tutorial! However wallpaper installation can be tricky if you have never done it and could be a costly mistake if not handled properly. So, if you would like a PRO give us a call and we will send you in the right direction!

Love to hear what you think and if you will be adding wallpaper in 2020?

May your day be filled with grace and happiness,



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